Feb. 3, 2007-Jan. 7, 2024

Born Feb 3, 2007, Chloe Butterfield passed away sometime during the night of Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024, after a long, excruciating, years-long battle with depression. We know she is now surrounded by the love of her heavenly parents and Savior, that she knows how precious and radically loved she was by all of us left here, heartbroken and yearning from our marrow for her to be with us again.

We all wish we could have helped her feel that enveloping love here while she was with us. But we are comforted to know she now rests in the embrace of those who know and love her perfectly.

Ever since our sweet Chloe was a little baby girl, she had a morning sunshine smile. And when she learned to talk, the endless questions pouring out of her curious mind challenged her parents every day. Kindness for others came as easy to Chloe as the afternoon breeze. As she told her mommy at age 4, Chloe knew “People are what are important.” In addition, her love of animals and all things living had a sacred intensity (including an uncanny ability to calm and adore psychotic cats and deadly reptiles).

Chloe came ready with a warm hug, especially for family and friends. You knew she loved you when she held you longer than she needed to. She helped before you asked for it, forgave you before you deserved it, and never allowed anyone to be her enemy. She poured her soul into her time with her loved ones, and you left your moments with her knowing she was shockingly good and brilliant.

Born with an indomitable will, Chloe made visions in her mind become reality. If Chloe set her mind to a craft, a Lego project or rat maze, it would be grand and glorious. You could sell it. She also thrived outdoors, especially on climbing adventures with her family (as long as it wasn’t too hot or cold), and she often persuaded the family to join in movie nights together, snuggling on the couch with bowls of ice cream. She adored her family and wanted to be with them most of all.

Chloe’s life with us was beautiful. Blindingly bright and precious. We are honored to have been her mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin and friend. She touched us all more than she knew, and she was far more adored and loved than she could see. And as we force ourselves to see the path ahead without her here, with us, we hope and pray others will see the beauty of her life too, perhaps see their own eternal worth more clearly, and stay with us as long as they can, through the darkest times and deepest pain, until the sun rises again and welcomes us home.

Chloe Butterfield is survived by her parents Ted and Allison Butterfield; her siblings Porter, Rainee and James; her grandparents Jim and Nancy Butterfield and Bob and Lois Howard; and dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

A public memorial service for Chloe will be held on Saturday, Jan. 13, at the Boulder Ridge Stake Center, 1762 S River Road, St. George. The service will begin at 10 a.m., and attendees are invited to be seated by 9:45 a.m. From 8:30-9:45 a.m., all are welcome to gather at the church to view and share memories of Chloe.

In lieu of sending flowers, it was Chloe’s wish that people donate to a charity of their choice. One option would be to donate to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at afsp.org.

Condolences may be shared on the McMillan Mortuary website.