ST. GEORGE — Enormous Old Glory fluttered in the breeze high above Snow Canyon State Park, welcoming those who attended the Veterans Day tribute Saturday morning.

The Mountain View Montessori choir sang a medley of songs honoring the servicemen and women at the Veterans Day tribute in Snow Canyon, St George, Utah, Nov. 11, 2023 | Photo by Stephanie DeGraw, St. George News

Around 200 people joined Follow The Flag with the unveiling of the largest free-flying flag in America — 150 x 78 feet, totaling 11,700 square feet.

A patriotic program was presented against the dusty dark rose and cream canyon cliffs. Founders of Follow The Flag Kyle and Carrie Fox and Dennis Leavitt with United We Pledge spoke of their gratitude for their freedom. Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jeff Burton was the guest speaker.

The Gibson Sisters presented musical numbers and London Wade sang the national anthem. The program also featured a military flyover and recognition of service by the Mountain View Montessori choir with a medley of songs.

Burton shared that a close friend sacrificed his life while in the service.

“We stand on the shoulders of giants,” Burton said. “The people that went before us and made this country what it is. It’s critical that we remember every day with gratitude for what they did so we can maintain this for our children and our children’s children.”

Burton added that although we live in difficult times, we can “lift where we stand” and make a difference in our sphere of influence.

Leavitt, the founder of United We Pledge, told the crowd he was touched by the young children who sang the military medley of songs during the ceremony.

The Founders of Follow The Flag Kyle and Carrie Fox visit with guest speaker Maj. Gen. Jeff Burton, U.S. Army (ret.) at the Veterans Day tribute, Snow Canyon State Park, Utah, Nov. 11, 2023 | Photo by Stephanie DeGraw, St. George News

“I think we were touched and inspired knowing that the future generation needs to carry the torch and continue to be those flag bearers,” Leavitt said.

Educating America’s youth was the reason behind launching the nonprofit United We Pledge. Leavitt said he also wanted to remember the country’s Founding Fathers — those “who laid down their lives and went to war to provide us with all the liberties and blessings we enjoy.”

The Foxes challenged the crowd to wear their patriotism on their sleeves. Their group’s focus is to honor, heal and inspire. They take the large flag called Lady Liberty to canyons throughout the nation.

Kyle Fox said the organization is like a modern-day flag bearer. It’s a tribute to the flag bears of old that would charge into battle carrying the American flag. He said they were the light and direction for the rest of the team in battle. And someone else would pick the flag up if the flag bearer fell. Fox challenged the audience to pick up the banner of freedom and keep it going.

Organizers said the flag will fly in the park for an additional week.

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