CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Any real estate transaction, for both buyer and seller, can be stressful. It’s a huge financial decision with multiple factors playing into the success of the transaction.

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For prospective buyers, that level of stress has increased with the rising cost of homes, mortgage interest rates and cost of living increases in Washington County and around the state. While it often feels that things are out of your control, it’s important to remember that when it comes to local policy, your voice – and your vote – make a difference. 

Washington County has an affordable housing issue. The St. George area consistently ranks as one of the fastest-growing populations in the nation, and each year, while accounting for inflation, the price of housing increases as demand continues to outpace supply. We are not keeping up with the growth; the new neighborhoods being built are unaffordable and unattainable for most members of our community. 

It is the responsibility of all Southern Utah residents to understand that people are being priced out of the current housing market and to be willing to do something about it. Educators, first responders and caregivers are being forced out of our communities due to the high cost of housing, and Washington County can’t afford to lose them. With limited budgets, the workers who are the lifeblood of St. George are being forced to leave the area. 

It takes all kinds to make our communities run. All residents, from retail workers to paramedics to CEOs, deserve affordable housing options within Washington County.

We are best served when these important members of our communities can start investing, save for retirement and have access to educational opportunities for themselves and their families. The biggest challenge that realtors face is finding affordable housing for buyers who deserve the benefits of owning a home as well as living in and contributing to a safe community. 

Promotional image courtesy of Washington County Board of Realtors, St. George News

So what can you do to help? Policy decisions play a pivotal role in this monumental issue. Learn about candidates. Put in the time to research the local leaders who will make a difference and ensure the long-term success of Washington County.

Local elections are the most important elections that we face and provide the greatest opportunity to make your voice heard. The people serving on your city councils consider issues that affect your day-to-day life. You have the power to influence the policies relating to zoning and development, roads and infrastructure.

Affordable housing is the problem. Reach out to your local realtor to see how you can contribute to the solution. Realtors not only sell homes, they also help build communities. We are invested in the health and well-being of your community and ask you to join us to help make Washington County a place we can all call home. 

To learn more about local candidates as well as where and when to vote, visit and do your part to make a difference.

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