ST. GEORGE — Step into Art Provides Gallery & Studio and immerse yourself in the newly unveiled “HERSTORY” exhibit. The gallery brings the diverse stories of women to life through powerful and evocative artworks.

Art Provides Studio Owner Elizabeth Gunter stands next to the “HERSTORY” exhibit, which tells a variety of female stories through art, St. George, Utah,

“Welcome to ‘HERSTORY,’ where we invite artists to come and tell their stories,” Art Provides Owner Elizabeth Gunter said, stepping into the gallery. “It’s important to display a diverse group of stories in an atmosphere that embodies the truth, sometimes not so pretty. The way you can reach people through artwork and telling a really transformational story can be transformational for other people.”

Dive headfirst into the vibrant universe of the second annual “HERSTORY” art exhibit at Art Provides Gallery & Studio. Here, art, music and creativity collide to honor the richness of feminine narratives.

Gunter said last year’s show was an absolute blast, captivating artists and the community. She couldn’t wait to bring it back for another round of inspiration and celebration this year. Get ready to soak up over 20 artists’ unique takes on “HERSTORY.” The exhibit includes mixed media, paintings in oil, watercolor and acrylic, sculptures and photography.

On June 1, the art space hosted an opening gala for the exhibit, featuring performances by Projeckt Listen and live painting by Ashley Fraph. The “HERSTORY” exhibit will be open for viewing until September 21st. While the show centers on female stories, it includes work by two male artists who also tell female stories.

Rebecca Grant’s mixed media display at the exhibit includes a unique collection of pickleball paddles, St. George, Utah, June 11, 2024 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

Rebecca Grant’s mixed media displays at the exhibit include a unique collection of pickleball paddles adorned in various styles, inspired by her husband’s passion for the sport. Each paddle tells a story, and designs include everything from Ms. Piggy and the Chick-fil-A logo to a ballerina and motifs from Charlotte’s Web. Additionally, Grant showcases another piece titled “The Machin Faces of Red” crafted entirely from stamps. The Queen Elizabeth stamps provide the colors and shape, while the backsides of German stamps create negative space that enhances the artwork’s visual impact.

“All of her work is meticulously placed and created,” Gunter said about Grant. “It’s really fun.”

Another display highlights Alyssa Apostol with photography by Hazel Sage. The series portrays Apostol in a wedding dress, the dress being engulfed in flames and progressing to its gradual removal. The display culminates in an image where she stands in a vibrant outfit against a rainbow backdrop, narrating her transformation from heartbreak to rebirth and freedom. The shoot was Apostol’s brainchild; she handled the cropping, printing and submission of the artwork to the gallery.

Compelling pieces by Grace Emery Fadley explore themes of body image, featuring paintings that depict the artist’s embrace of her stretch marks alongside poetry collages. Town muralist Ashley Graf presents two paintings alongside her debut photography piece. Birgit McMullen’s exhibit captures her three-year Peace Corps experience, featuring art inspired by her time living among and learning from women.

Artist Grace Emery Fadley’s art depicts women’s body image and includes framed images of her stretch marks, St. George, Utah, June 11, 2024 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

This marks Gunter’s fifth year since opening Art Provides, and she is planning an anniversary show for this coming January. After seeing gap between artists and missed opportunities to be curated into commercial and residential spaces, she launched Art Broker Utah alongside Joaquin Jimenez. Additionally, she is assembling a 15-member board for Art Provides, which convened for the first time on May 15.

“I’ve seen people stand in front of art and come to tears and feel validated for something that they have no way of putting into words,” Gunter said. “I think sometimes we need a form of art when we’re going through a time we’re either experiencing joy or sorrow in order to really hold that space to transmute your story through someone else.”

Experience the “HERSTORY” exhibit at Art Provides at 35 N Main Street #306 in St. George. For those unable to see the “HERSTORY” exhibit in person, visit the Art Provides Gallery & Studio website to delve into thought-provoking narratives from the comfort of your own space.

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