CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Unlock the perfect match for your property management needs with Red Rock Property Management. Whether you’re a landlord seeking tenants or a renter in search of your dream space, they’ve got you covered.

The Red Rock Property Management team, St. George, Utah, January 2024 | Photo courtesy of Red Rock Real Estate, St. George News

“Property management can be challenging. At Red Rock, we are committed to providing a level of excellence that lets owners and tenants alike rediscover the best of property management,” said Jenny Krispin, Director of Red Rock Property Management.

With an extensive portfolio encompassing hundreds of residential single-family and multi-family homes alongside commercial properties, Red Rock Property Managements sterling service and reputation are undeniable. Their main objectives are to safeguard owners’ investments through proven processes and provide tenants with a high-quality rental experience. Their 4.9-star Google review rating with over 1,300 reviews reflects the satisfaction of their property owners, tenants and vendors. 

The company has been serving St. George for 12 years, and with that experience comes expertise. Over the years, they’ve seen a boom in the community through growth and industry changes.

“Nationwide, people know where St. George is, where 10 years ago, they didn’t,” Krispin said. “People are finding that St. George is an incredible community to be a part of and to live in.”

Tenants renting from Red Rock Property Management experience the tangible effects of the team’s unwavering commitment and diligence. From a 24/7 emergency maintenance line where the tenants can reach a team member immediately to Red Rock’s Residents Benefit Package that offers rewards for paying rent on time, helps tenants build their credit and helps them prepare for buying a home, tenants are shown that they are an important part of Red Rock Property Management. Red Rock’s lease renewal rate of 70% is well above the national average and reflects how their tenants appreciate the properties and services Red Rock offers.

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Although some owners may perceive self-management of their rentals as simple, Krispin emphasizes that many fail to grasp the comprehensive nature of the task. The advantages of partnering with a local professional property management company are substantial.

Red Rock Property Management strives for continuous improvement including ways to streamline everything they do. Their team offers prospective and current clients free rental property analyses, which include a detailed management plan. They’re helping property owners expertly navigate through the ever-changing Southern Utah rental market with ease. 

Hannah Parker, Chief of Staff for Red Rock Companies, said they’re dedicated to prioritizing owners’ investments and needs while maximizing income potential. It all starts with a selective rental process that vets potential tenants. Red Rock Property Management also performs regular home inspections to ensure the properties are being taken care of.

Red Rock Property Management prioritizes prompt and efficient maintenance coordination to uphold the integrity of each property. After receiving maintenance requests, their dedicated team swiftly follows up to ensure timely completion. Their proactive approach ensures that each managed property remains in top condition, providing peace of mind for both owners and tenants alike.

“Those things set us apart from other property management companies,” Parker said. “We do what we say we’re going to do with a hands-on approach to safeguard an owner’s investment.”

Red Rock Property Management showcases an unparalleled staff-to-property ratio, setting them apart from the competition. Their proactive approach to growing and training their team prior to growing their property count allows them to best serve all of their owners, tenants and rentals. Whether it’s their diligent accounting team or efficient inspection crew, they consistently stay ahead of the curve.

Promotional image courtesy of Red Rock Real Estate, St. George News

But don’t just take their word for it. A property owner with 12 rental units all under Red Rock Property Management had this to share:

“They are the most professional and knowledgeable company I’ve seen,” Merri Ann said. “They are all pleasant to work with. Kaylee emails me back almost immediately. Not every property management company is like this. Believe me, I know.”

Choosing Red Rock Property Management ensures property owners peace of mind and optimal returns on their investment. With their dedicated team handling every aspect of property management from leasing to move-outs, you can trust them to protect your assets and maximize your rental income. Choosing to rent from Red Rock provides tenants with a great resident experience and a company that values and addresses their needs. 

Experience the difference with Red Rock Property Management – where you are their priority.

Written by JESSI BANG for St. George News.

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