ST. GEORGE — If you were wondering what’s been happening at the old Washington County Administration Building lately – you’re not the only one.

Signs indicate there’s no entry into the old county building that  now serves as a temporary courthouse, St. George, Utah, Dec. 19, 2023 | Photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

Recently heavy equipment started tearing up what had served as the old administration building’s parking lot while the new administration building and adjacent parking structure were still being built.

Since the official opening of the new administration building in September, the old building has become the temporary new home of the Washington County Justice Court and U.S. District Court. The courts will occupy the building until renovations on the nearby Boulevard Office Building conclude in the summer of 2025.

Washington County Commission Chair Adam Snow said the old building’s temporary parking lot was being torn up to deal with a sewer pipe issue related to the structure. It was also decided that the temporary parking lot would be replaced due to continued use that should have ceased when the new parking structure opened.

“Signs asking people not to park there weren’t being effective,” Snow said, adding some county residents still think the old building houses county services despite large signs posted on the building’s primary entrance stating otherwise. “Some people just don’t read,” he said.

With the exception of the county’s justice court, all county services and departments were moved into the newer, larger administration building next door.

As of Tuesday afternoon, a work crew appeared to be leveling dirt in the lot across the former parking lot. As for what will replace it, Snow said it will likely be some form of landscaping.

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