Jan. 26, 2024

Christopher Bell passed away Jan. 26, 2024. His death was unexpected and untimely as we just celebrated his birthday on Jan. 9. He was diagnosed with cancer just a short time ago. Stage 4 was just a battle my brother couldn’t win. He was my best friend, my big Little Brother. Towering over me by over a foot, his heart also dwarfed mine. He was an amazing father, a very hardworking man and was always doing his best to get ahead and support his family.

Chris loved motorcycles, video games, guns and sports. Most of all he loved the people he held dear to him. Chris, a Navy veteran, was an example to everyone he knew showing a dedication to life and his work. He started a beard oil company so that he could earn extra financial support to care for his son.

I will miss most of all, sitting on my front porch at Puerta Del Sol for hours laughing and having deep conversations about life and our futures. Always being honest to each other. Chris was “Uncle” to my children. Later Chris was considered their Godfather to my wife and I. We loved you so much Chris.