CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — When contemplating higher education, it is important to make informed decisions that align with your goals and aspirations. With so many factors to consider, it may be difficult to really map out the criteria that are important to you.

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The higher education journey: where to start

Because choosing the right institution necessitates careful evaluation on several fronts, here are six main factors to start your consideration journey. 

Institution success rate

While graduation rates provide valuable insights, they may not tell the entire story. Factors such as selectivity often influence these figures. Particularly in the context of two-year colleges, where transfer rates are significant, success should be measured holistically. Contemplating not only graduation but also successful transfers to four-year institutions as well as career advancement are crucial considerations.

Personalized learning environment

Smaller class sizes contribute significantly to a more personalized and engaging educational experience. Studies show that students in smaller classes tend to thrive academically. Hence, institutions that prioritize smaller class sizes can enhance your learning journey.


Given the steep rise in tuition costs in recent years, finding an affordable institution is paramount. Schools like Snow College in Utah, with its comparatively low tuition of $1,898 per semester for in-state students, offer an attractive option for those aiming to avoid substantial debt burdens after schooling.

Degree offerings and flexibility

Ensuring that your chosen institution offers your preferred major is fundamental. Additionally, institutions providing diverse interdisciplinary opportunities and exploratory coursework can help undecided students discover their academic interests. Furthermore, flexibility in course delivery, including online options, is increasingly valuable. A blend of in-person and online classes allows for a tailored learning experience.

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Real-world experience

The integration of real-world experiences into the curriculum is invaluable. Institutions that provide internships, cooperative education programs and practical learning opportunities equip students with essential skills, enhancing their employability upon graduation.

Credit transfer policies

For students considering transferring to other institutions, understanding credit transfer policies is essential. Ensuring that the credits earned are recognized and transferable facilitates a smooth transition if you decide to pursue further education elsewhere.

Snow College: a prime choice for higher education

Snow College, conveniently located a short distance from Southern Utah, stands out as an exceptional choice for prospective students. Here are several compelling reasons to consider Snow College:

Outstanding academic reputation: Recognized as the No. 1 junior college in the nation for student success by The Chronicle for Higher Education, Snow College offers an environment conducive to academic excellence.
Small class sizes: With an average class size of 16 students, Snow College prioritizes individualized attention and active student engagement.
Versatile program options: Offering over 90 program choices, Snow College ensures a diverse array of academic pathways to cater to various interests and career goals.
Affordability: Snow College boasts one of the most affordable tuition rates in the state, making quality education accessible to a broad range of students.
Strong transfer policies: Credits earned at Snow College with a completed associate degree seamlessly transfer to other universities, facilitating smooth transitions for students seeking advanced degrees.
Commitment to safety: Snow College is ranked No. 1 for safety in Utah, ensuring a secure environment conducive to focused learning.

As your higher education journey begins, meticulous consideration of these factors will empower you to make an informed decision about your future. To explore the exceptional opportunities offered by Snow College, visit for further information today.

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