ST. GEORGE — If you’ve got somewhere to be, let St. George Shuttle take you there. They’ve been on the road longer than any other transportation service in Southern Utah and can accommodate any fare, from a single passenger in a taxi to an entire sports team on board a luxury bus.

St. George Shuttle‘s new buses are particularly impressive, but they don’t clean themselves. In this episode of “Grady Clocks In,” CFO Zach Wade invited host Grady Sinclair back to the company’s headquarters on Red Hills Parkway to put in a little elbow grease.

Watch this installment of “Grady Clocks In” in the media player above to see if Grady survives to another episode.

Wade gave Sinclair 25 minutes to wash all the windows on the new orange bus. Left unsupervised, however, he quickly got distracted and wandered inside, where he settled in the comfortable seats and found that one of his favorite flicks, “The Wedding Singer,” was playing on the TV.

Afterward, Sinclair moved on to cleaning the luggage hold. With room for dozens of passengers, it’s huge.

“I thought it was a stable,” he said. “It was great in there. It’s like my first apartment.”

Find joy in the journey with St. George Shuttle. From business trips and special events to weekend getaways and family adventures, they’ve been driving people safely and comfortably to their destinations for more than 30 years.

“The great thing about St. George Shuttle is it’s just easy, it’s convenient and it’s affordable,” Wade said.

After a day of hard work, and not-so-hard work, St. George Shuttle sent Sinclair back to Canyon Media in style, with a ride in one of the buses he helped shine up. But would they invite him to clock in for a third time?

Watch this episode of “Grady Clocks In” and find out.

Grady Clocks In: St. George Shuttle.


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