Jan. 18, 1929-Oct. 31, 2023

Harold William Bertagnole passed away on Oct. 31, 2023. He was born in 1929 to Leo “Lee” Bertagnole and Myrtle Gerber. He married Barbara Ann Budge in 1949. Their marriage was later solemnized in the St George Temple. Besides putting Barabra through college, he put both children through, one of whom he saw get a doctorate.

Harold knew the value of an education. He was dependable in the support of his family both morally and temporally throughout their lives. He was happy and proud of their various endeavors and accomplishments.

Harold started managing his father’s sheep-ranching enterprise at the age of twenty-three. Doing such a great job that his father was able to make his largest land purchase, and successfully run 7,000 head of sheep. He was never seen deliberately mistreating the thousands of heads of livestock he came in contact with. He was by nature a very quiet, kind and gentle man. He was highly regarded by fellow sheep ranchers for being a man of integrity. He also managed Bratten’s Fisheries for 10 years. The owner and some of the employees had tears in their eyes when he left.

Harold’s real success came in his relationship with others. After he retired in 1987, he spent his time helping others with their needs. This included his close neighbors, and the five sweet widows living in nearby condos who counted on his help.

After moving to St George, he served on the activities committee of the park he lived in for seventeen years. This included calling Bingo, putting up and taking down more chairs than most people sit in a lifetime, and putting the star on the yearly Christmas tree because he was the tallest. There was so much more.

He served on the management committee for three years being the president for one of those years.  He was always there to help in any crisis or disaster that might befall a homeowner.

Digging holes and changing pipes and sprinkler heads became his specialty.

Harold was a man who lived his religion. “Love thy neighbor as thy self” was his creed. He was dependable in his church assignments. You could read the attributes of a good boy scout and they would be Harold’s attributes. He is one person who will truly be missed.

He loved the mountains knowing some areas like the back of his hand. He loved the desert and spent many hours with friends exploring the area around St George.

He and Barbara did so many things together. They enjoyed many of the same things, and he was willing to try anything from river running to weekly SkipBo card games with close friends. He was fortunate that they could travel to some of the interesting places of the world. By far, their most interesting trip was to Communist-governed Leningrad, USSR. He came back with a huge appreciation for his own country. They loved square dancing and made many friends. They even square-danced in Munich, Germany to a German caller they didn’t understand. That was an experience.

They loved animals, and always had a dog to cuddle. They loved exploring with others in their Bronco, often bringing home rocks and then when they had too many they would take them back again.

They saw many wonderful and breathtaking things that confirmed their knowledge of the Creator. Like everyone else some things he would have done differently, but he wouldn’t have changed the basic pattern of his life for any other, and it can truly be said of him that he was a good man.

He is survived by his children Catherine Bertagnole and Harold (Karla) Bertagnole; his grandchildren Vanessa (Charles) Baker, Vincent Bertagnole, Athena (Alan) Wells, Alexa Bertagnole and Abby Bertagnole. He is also survived by two great-grandchildren Zana and Zade

Graveside services will be held Monday, Nov. 6, at 1 p.m. at Tonaquint Cemetery, located at 1777 South Dixie Drive, St. George.

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