FEATURE — If there were ever a time to wish upon a star, it would be Sunday, as a new moon in Pisces opens a gateway for materializing dreams.

On Sunday at 3 a.m. MDT, a super new moon at 20 degrees in the Mutable water sign of Pisces initiates a new cycle that builds up to the full moon two weeks from now. During a new moon phase, the moon is hidden from view, symbolizing a blank canvas upon which we can imprint our deepest desires and intentions.

In Pisces, a new moon opens a portal for manifestation and spiritual awakening, inviting us to dive deep into the realms of imagination, intuition and the subconscious mind. Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, is associated with empathetic compassion and boundless creativity.

As a water sign, Pisces symbolizes the vast ocean of the subconscious, where dreams and realities merge, and the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds dissolve.

This is a time to tap into our intuition and connect with the wisdom of our inner selves. Through meditation, visualization and spiritual practices, we have access to the unlimited potential of the subconscious.

File photo of Neptune visible in the night sky, date not specified | Image courtesy of NASA, St. George News

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion and transcendence, further enhancing the magical and ethereal qualities of this new moon. It encourages us to surrender to the flow of the universe and trust in the divine timing of our manifestations. By aligning our intentions with the highest good and surrendering attachment to outcomes, we can allow the universe to work its magic.

During this time, it’s essential to pay attention to synchronicities, signs and messages and remain open and receptive to guidance.

Following in the new moon’s footsteps is Venus, which will enter Pisces on Monday.

During Venus’ transit through Pisces, where it will stay until April 5, there’s a heightened sense of empathy and understanding in relationships. People become more attuned to the emotional needs of their partners, friends and loved ones, fostering deeper connections and intimacy. This is a time when acts of kindness, compassion and selflessness are especially valued and appreciated.

Creatively, Venus in Pisces inspires artistic expression that is soulful, imaginative, and ethereal. Artists, musicians, writers and creators of all kinds may find themselves drawn to themes of romance, fantasy and spirituality. This transit encourages tapping into the subconscious mind and channeling emotions into creative works that touch the heart and stir the soul.

So what does this mean for you? Find out below.

March 21-April 19

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A restoration of faith and reconnection to your spiritual side is on offer now, dear Pisces, as this new moon activates your 12th house of the subconscious and dreams. While this energy could cause you to feel somewhat restless, as you are a sign that seeks to initiate and take action, it’s essential now to practice the art of being. It’s in taking time to do nothing where you can be powerfully transformed. Spending time in silence opens space to receive what may feel like psychic downloads that can modify how you perceive the road ahead and what you believe is possible.

April 20-May 20

A lively time for renewals in friendships and future endeavors awaits, dear Taurus, as this new moon highlights a highly social part of your sky. You’re more likely to nurture bonds through a lens of empathy and understanding, as such, if you’ve had a falling out with someone, it may be now that you see the way to reestablish a friendship or find closure. But this is also about your future. It’s time to envision your dream life and believe in the path it takes to get there.

May 21–June 20

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If you’ve been feeling stagnant in your career, this new moon may be the push you’ve waiting for as it activates your 10th house of achievement and reputation, dear Gemini. It’s time to focus on your long-term goals and ensure they align with what you hope to leave behind in this life. Some Geminis could be leaving behind a job or beginning a new one. But the real power here doesn’t mean making immediate change, it’s about taking a serious look at the road ahead and where you want to be in the future.

June 21–July 22

A change of perspective is on the horizon, dear Cancer, as this new moon activates your ninth house of philosophical beliefs, higher education and long-distance travel. This is an adventurous part of your sky that is all about expansion. Wherever your sight has become too narrowly focused, now is a time when a breakthrough happens, allowing you to consider your life and the world at large in a new way. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in self-limiting beliefs that have kept you from chasing after what you truly want. Be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things.

July 23–August 22

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This new moon could come in the way of a psychological cleanse, dear Leo, offering deep transformation that can help you launch a side hustle, deepen a bond or reestablish a better sense of give and take within a relationship. This is a fortuitous time to imagine different possibilities for making money on the side. It’s time to let go of outdated beliefs surrounding wealth that may be holding you back. Let your imagination roam and be open to what shows up.

Aug. 23–Sept. 22

Fresh starts in relationships abound, dear Virgo, as this month’s new moon highlights your seventh house of partnership. This signals major breakthroughs in terms of compromising and finding common ground with a close someone in your life. If you’re open to meeting someone new, this is a time to be out and about. You may find yourself reflecting on the dynamics of your relationships and seeking ways to improve communication and cooperation. It’s also a favorable time for initiating new connections or deepening existing ones. Use this period to cultivate healthy and supportive relationships that contribute positively to your life journey.

Sept. 23–Oct. 22

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It’s time to refresh your daily routine, dear Libra, as this new moon is happening in your sixth house of health, work and service. If you’ve been dealing with any health or work problems that have seemed nearly impossible to overcome, it’s now that your belief in change is restored and you’re ready to shake yourself out of a slump. Allow inspiration to awaken within you and guide the way. It may be that the rut you’ve been stuck in is due to some resistance you’ve been unable to release.

Oct. 23–Nov. 21

Create inspiration abounds, dear Scorpio, as this new moon illuminates your fifth house of self-expression, romance, hobbies, children and all matters that spark joy in your life. With the dreamy Piscean influence, it may seem that your ideas are coming from another planet. This marks a prolific time for those working on any type of creative project, and it would be best to set aside some time to channel this energy. This influence also stirs your romantic side, and it’s a good time to say yes to a date.

Nov. 22–Dec. 21

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A new moon in your fourth house awakens your feelings about home and your inner security, drawing you back to your roots, dear Sagittarius. It’s time to focus on your environment, nurture familial connections and take care of your emotional stability. Feelings of nostalgia may take you by surprise, or you could come across something that intertwines you with your ancestry and reshapes the way you understand your past. Home renovations begun now are likely to feel warm and create a sense of belonging. If you’ve been on the search for a new home, now is the time to open yourself up to the possibilities.

Dec. 22–Jan. 19

How and what you think comes into focus now, dear Capricorn, as this new moon awakens your third house. It’s time to set intentions in matters related to communication skills, learning endeavors and expressing yourself more effectively. Inspiration sparks and could help alleviate blocks related to creativity. Conversations with others become important, as you seek to exchange thoughts and perspectives. It’s a favorable time for starting new projects that involve writing, speaking or learning something new. Pay attention to the messages and insights that come your way during this period, as they may hold valuable guidance for your path ahead.

Jan. 20–Feb. 18

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As the collection of cosmic energy continues to flow out of your sign, this new moon sparks new beginnings in matters related to money, possessions and self-worth, dear Aquarius. This is a powerful time to consider your relationship with money and material resources, as well as setting time aside to create a budget, make a savings plan or consider options for investing.  But on a deeper level, this new moon asks you to consider where you may be operating from a place of lack or feelings of unworthiness.  It’s time to cultivate a greater sense of self-worth and confidence and call in the prosperity you deserve.

Feb. 19 – March 20

In your sign, this new moon marks the beginning of your personal new year, dear Pisces. Take time to explore your deepest desires and set intentions for all the things you hope to bring into your life over the next 12 months. In the first house of the self, identity and how we present ourselves to the world, this is a time of personal renewal and self-discovery to bring you in closer alignment with your truest self. With this comes a surge of energy and motivation to pursue personal growth, embark on new adventures and make positive changes in your life.

For a more specific outlook, read the forecasts for both your sun and rising signs. If you do not know your rising sign, use this online calculator.

It’s important to remember that astrology forecasts are not meant to be fatalistic. Rather they offer a window into current energetic influences, so we may work with them and help foster a more wise and loving spirit.

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