FEATURE — With snow falling early in some areas of the state this year, gardeners may have been caught off guard. Make sure your yard is ready for winter by finishing the last few tasks.

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Consider these tips and links from the Utah State University Extension Gardeners Almanac.

If natural precipitation is sparse and the ground is not frozen, water evergreen trees and shrubs to ensure they are well-hydrated.
Blow out irrigation systems.
Winterize lawn mowers and rototillers by draining the gas or adding a fuel stabilizer. Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations.
Clean and sharpen garden tools and treat them with oil or other rust-inhibiting products.
Disconnect hoses from water spouts to avoid freezing damage.
If you haven’t mowed your grass for the final time, cut it to a height of 1-to-1½ inches to minimize disease problems.
Apply a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer after the last mowing for early greening next spring.

For a complete list of tips for putting the yard and garden to bed, click here.

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