Oct. 21, 2021-Feb. 13, 2024

Jack Wesley Beatty was born in Middletown, Ohio, to Jacob Wesley Beatty and Courtney Kezerian Beatty on Oct. 21, 2021. Jack was a bright spot in every place he ever went. His smile, laughs and hugs melted hearts and everyone who got to be around him was drawn to his loving personality and happiness. His red curly hair matched his personality. His siblings were always helping to play with Jack, feed Jack, read him books and give him snuggles.

Jack was diagnosed at 8 months old with a seizure disorder called Dravet Syndrome. Jack had a gene mutation on his SCN1A gene that helps you build the sodium channels in your brain. He struggled daily with different types of seizures that were not always obvious or easy to identify. He was on a steady regimen of medication morning and night to try and keep all of his seizure activity under control. He required constant monitoring and had developmental delays congruent with his diagnosis. He was in physical, occupational and speech therapy where he was a wonderful student and had made many progressions. His fight was strong and his desire to move around and have fun was endless.

Jack was extremely loving and caring. He gave tight hugs and would give you a big squeeze. Jack would laugh when everyone else in the room was laughing and throw his head back. When he went to bed at night he would wave and say, “I love you,” then blow you a kiss. He loved trucks and would push them around on the floor and say beep, beep! He would say “up above” and then look at you, expecting you to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Jack always wanted to be part of the crowd and would say “up” to make sure you knew he wanted to be part of the action. He will be missed so much and we are extremely grateful for the time we had with our Jackie Boy. We know he is in a better place and is being cared for by many relatives on the other side.

Jack is survived by his parents Jacob Wesley Beatty and Courtney Kezerian Beatty, sister Cecilia, sister Noelle and brother Jacob. Grandparents Thomas and Denise Beatty, Michael and Sandy Kezerian. He is also survived by many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Arrangements are under the direction of Hughes Mortuary.