SALT LAKE CITY — A lawsuit filed against Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes on Monday alleges he engaged in witness tampering and intimidated a critic of Operation Underground Railroad and its founder Tim Ballard when she brought complaints against the anti-sex trafficking organization.

The lawsuit, filed in 3rd District Court, is the fourth complaint against Ballard in recent months and the first time Reyes — a longtime friend and supporter of Ballard — is named as a defendant. An amended court filing in a previous case made similar allegations of witness tampering against Reyes, though he was not a target of that suit.

Reyes denied those allegations. His spokesman did not respond to a request for comment on Monday’s lawsuit.

The plaintiff in the latest suit, Suzanne Whitehead, was the director of a global nonprofit organization in 2015 when an earthquake struck Nepal. Whitehead said she began working to send a crisis team to help recovery efforts there and accepted an invitation to travel with members of Operation Underground Railroad to identify places to house rescued girls.

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