CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Gratitude often serves as a lifeline for those in recovery from addiction. And at Lion’s Gate Recovery, gratitude radiates from the clinical staff to the patients and their families, creating a ripple effect of thankfulness and joy that can be felt throughout the community.

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Current patients at Lion’s Gate Recovery are expressing gratitude this holiday season. Many say they are grateful to their families for not giving up on them and showing them the tough love they needed to seek help. Others are grateful for a fresh start, new perspectives and second chances. The ability to show up for those who need them most has been a reward they didn’t know was possible.

“I am grateful for sobriety,” one Lion’s Gate Recovery patient said in a recent video (in the media player above). “I am grateful for another chance in life. I am grateful for the tools that Lion’s Gate gave me to apply to my life and my sobriety.”

Lion’s Gate Recovery is run by a team of recovering addicts who help others find the hope and light that recovery brings. A unique combination of personal experience and clinical training helps them guide others from a place of understanding and support. They don’t just teach it; they live it.

“We know what it feels like to be scared and alone,” director of admissions Kelly Cluff said. “We know the journey. And we help others walk this path and get where they want to be. It’s the best of both worlds here.”

Cluff, a father of four who just celebrated 23 years of sobriety, said he lives an actively beautiful life and is thankful his children have never seen the drunk or high version of himself. But, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. The key to his sobriety? Gratitude.

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“When I first got sober, I had a sponsor who used to say that gratitude is a safety valve,” he said. “When anything gets too hard or too scary, I look to gratitude. And that’s what keeps me safe.”

With the holidays quickly approaching, Lion’s Gate Recovery is implementing a variety of service projects. In the past, these projects have included volunteering for programs such as Sub for Santa and Toys for Tots – programs of which many in recovery have been recipients.

Cluff said helping with service projects provides a boost of appreciation for all that’s good in life. And that appreciation creates a fundamental shift, which serves as a catalyst for a spiritual awakening that happens when someone chooses sobriety.

“Gratitude is a good principle for everybody, not just for addicts,” he added. “I think a lot of people struggle through the holidays and get caught up in what they don’t have and forget what they’re given. I think the real secret to finding happiness in this life is gratitude.”

About Lion’s Gate Recovery

Lion’s Gate Recovery implements the latest evidence-based interventions and time-tested standards in recovery. Their approach is both holistic and comprehensive and includes support through group therapy and counseling.

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Clinicians at Lion’s Gate Recovery are seasoned professionals who incorporate several methodologies, including family of origin work, trauma work, spiritual wellness and 12-step facilitation. Each client receives treatment through a tailored program to ensure the appropriate counseling method and clinician.

Co-occurring mental health disorders can complicate recovery from addiction. Therapists at Lion’s Gate Recovery are trained to treat mental health disorders, and family groups and interventions are used to address the issues. Their focus is to help develop social and life skills that provide the tools for a productive and happy life.

Their primary goal is to integrate clients back into their lives free from the bondage of addiction, help bring families back together and encourage the practice of gratitude.

The road to recovery isn’t one that’s walked alone. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, Lion’s Gate Recovery can help. Visit the Lion’s Gate Recovery website for resources and program information.

“I’m grateful for another day at life,” said another Lions Gate Recovery patient. “I’m grateful for learning how to love myself.”

Written by JESSI BANG for St. George News.

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