CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — The holiday season is here, a time for sharing joy, togetherness and celebrating cherished traditions. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the holiday season isn’t always a picture-perfect scene filled with sugar cookies and warm embraces; for many, it can be stressful and uncomfortable.

In Southern Utah, numerous residents find themselves overwhelmed and experiencing increased pain during this season. For many, the tasks of decorating, holiday shopping and preparing delicious meals for gatherings can be sources of significant discomfort. 

In this guide, Southwest Spine and Pain Center offers four valuable tips to help you reduce your discomfort and fully savor the holiday season.

Pain relief tip No. 1: Plan, prioritize and delegate

The first step to reducing holiday-related pain is to create a realistic to-do list and identify which tasks are top priorities. If you realize that your list is too demanding, don’t hesitate to contact loved ones for assistance. Seeking help can substantially alleviate holiday-related stress and physical strain.

Remember, hosting a holiday dinner at your house doesn’t mean you have to shoulder all the responsibilities. Friends and family can lend a hand by helping with decorating, setting the table or even bringing food. Avoid unnecessary stress by maintaining a to-do list and delegating tasks you can’t handle alone.

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Consider asking grandchildren to assist in retrieving Christmas decorations from storage to spare older family members from heavy lifting. Another helpful idea is to go holiday shopping with friends and family, allowing them to aid in loading and unloading gifts.

Pain relief tip No. 2: Understand your limits

Recognize that decorating and cleaning up after holiday celebrations can be physically demanding. If you struggle with prolonged standing due to chronic pain, stiff joints or lower back pain, consider planning events or activities where you can limit physical exertion. 

Remember: If you can’t do something, you can find someone to help you.

Pain relief tip No. 3: Listen to your body

Above all, heed your body’s signals of discomfort and pain. If you start to feel tired or experience pain, avoid pushing yourself too hard. Take frequent breaks, rest when needed and consult your health care provider if necessary. Prioritizing your health and well-being is of utmost importance.

Pain relief tip No. 4: Talk to a health care provider

It’s crucial to remember that you’re not alone if you’re suffering from chronic pain during this holiday season. Dr. Rick Obray from Southwest Spine and Pain emphasizes that chronic pain can significantly impact every aspect of life. However, with proper treatment and care, individuals can regain their quality of life.

Southwest Spine and Pain is dedicated to helping individuals find practical solutions to their pain and enabling them to live life to the fullest.

If you’re experiencing pain, remember that Southwest Spine and Pain prioritizes expertise, compassion and exceptional patient care. Their physicians bring years of experience and training from prestigious institutions like Harvard and the Mayo Clinic, offering a wide range of pain management treatments including injection therapies, minimally invasive surgery, medications, physical therapy coordination and advanced imaging.

By planning, delegating, listening to your body and seeking specialized help, you can look forward to a holiday season free from pain, filled with cherished memories.

Don’t wait for relief – visit or call the St. George office at 435-656-2424. Most of the time, same-day appointments are available.

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