REVIEW — Today we attended Encore’s original production of “A Christmas Carol” at the Electric Theatre. This is the second year Encore has presented this fantastic new musical to our community. It is incredibly well done. and rivals any of the productions presented elsewhere in Southern Utah.

The best part is that the adaptation of the original Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” novel written in 1843 is true to the story. The music and lyrics are all from local professionals. Rhett Guter, a seasoned actor, director, dancer and performer adapted and directed the show. Adam Record, a highly talented artist and musician wrote the original music and lyrics. Our own Corbin Allred plays the part of Scrooge. He does a spectacular job.

Encore Entertainment allows youth to perform with professionals to learn and develop their performing skills. Using this new musical production, youth play most of the roles. They are great actors, dancers, singers and storytellers.

“A Christmas Carol” has been close to my heart all of my life. I recall listening to recordings of the story as a youth. I remember being frightened by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. It was an important tradition in my family due to our surname, “Dickens.” I’m pretty sure that I’m related to Charles Dickens, but he’s a distant cousin. So, take the advice of a “Dickens” and be sure to see this show before it ends its 2023 run.

The music and presentation brought me laughter, tears and hope. These actors made it so real that I almost felt like I was there experiencing 1843 London with Scrooge himself. You will love the performance of Scrooge, Marley, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, Bob Crochit and his son, Tiny Tim, and all of the others. While you may enter the theatre feeling a little “Bah Humbug,” you will walk out with a “God Bless Us Everyone” attitude.

Our community tends to procrastinate, as I do. That leads to empty seats at the beginning of a show’s run followed by sold-out houses at the end. If you wait to get tickets, you may find yourself out of luck. Tickets are still available at It’s not expensive and it is worth the cost and time to enjoy this classic updated with original music and a wonderful presentation.

Submitted by TERRY DICKENS, often referred to as “The Dickens Himself.”