ST. GEORGE — If you’ve ever sold clothing on Facebook Marketplace, you probably know what it’s like to deal with flakes, low-ballers and buyers who ask pesky questions already answered in the item’s description.

(L-R) St. George Indy Clover Co-owners Jeselyn Peery and Savanah Fuja speak to St. George News about their family’s franchise, St. George, Utah, Nov. 27, 2023 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

The consignment shop Indy Clover may be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. They’re doing the work, allowing sellers to advertise their clothing, handbags and more at a price they set themselves.

All they have to do is come in, tag the item and walk away.

“It’s a really great way to find high-end things or brand name things and be able to try it on in St. George,” said Savanah Fuja, Indy Clover co-owner and social media manager. “And for sellers, it’s a great way to sell items you aren’t using anymore.”

How does it work?

At Indy Clover, sellers rent a booth for $30 a week and bring in any items they want to sell. The store provides hangers, tags, a tagging gun, markers, stickers and more. Sellers price their items, hang them and the store sells them all week. At the end of the week, sellers pick up anything that doesn’t sell.

Locals are able to sell their clothing and other items inside Indy Clover with individual seller booths, St. George, Utah, Nov. 27, 2023 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

“This is nice because you don’t have to ship anything, like on Marketplace,” store manager and co-owner Jeselyn Peery said. “Or wait for someone to come pick something up at your house. And you’re setting the price, instead of the store telling you how much they’ll pay you for it.”

Sellers also have the option to discount their booths on Thursdays and Fridays, gearing up close-out deals to sell any remaining items before their booth rental is over.

Worried about not selling anything? Indy Clover offers a risk-free rental for all first-time sellers. That means you pay the $30 fee for the week, and if you don’t make back your rental fee, they’ll give you your money back.

And sellers can sell more than clothing and shoes. Many of the booths are filled with a variety of handbags, suitcases, home decor, blankets and more. The shop also includes booths from several local boutique owners and vintage item resellers. Indy Clover does not allow electronics, food or baby safety items.

A variety of local and other goods are for sale inside Indy Clover in St. George, Utah, Nov. 27, 2023 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

“We’ve got 76 booths,” Peery said. “That means that 76 people rent a booth each week, so every single week it’s like a brand new store. You come in and every single booth is basically different.”

Walking into Indy Clover, the first thing you’ll see is the “Clover Corner,” which features items from local small businesses such as Sundust Studios and Groupie Love. These sellers do not pay a fee to be in the store and items remain from week to week. Staying true to supporting community members, Peery said the store also used a local graphic designer to complete the shop’s interior painting.

Every day, Fuja goes through the store and posts “lucky finds” from every booth on Indy Clover’s Instagram. That allows free advertising for sellers and helps buyers find things that catch their eye.

“It’s been really fun. Honestly, she does all the hard stuff. And then I just go play. And I can’t leave here without buying something,” Fuja said with a laugh.

A Utah-based franchise

Indy Clover is a franchise founded by Jeselyn Peery’s son Tyler Peery, his wife Keena Peery and her sister Mia Evans in June 2022 in Lindon.

The consignment shop Indy Clover is located inside The Shoppes at Zion in St. George, Utah, Nov. 27, 2023 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

From yardsales to renting studio spaces, the sisters grew up buying and reselling their clothing. At one point, they created their own Instagram, KeenaMia’s Closet, where they sold their clothing via online bids. Unable to find the perfect way to resell clothing inspired them to create the business model that is now known as Indy Clover.

“Indy Clover stems from that, and our love for keeping up with the trends, or buying and reselling clothes and being able to make money off of them,” Keena Peery said in an interview. “At Indy Clover, we provide the space for you and all you have to do is bring your clothes and we’ll provide the rest.”

So, what’s with the name?

“Indy = Independent,” Tyler Peery said in an email. “Clover = Lucky. Shop the Lucky Finds.”

In just one year, Indy Clover has grown to nine franchised locations – seven in Utah, one in Idaho and one in Arizona. Several more Utah locations are set to open in the coming year along with locations in Tennesee and Texas. The St. George location opened in November last year.

“They’ve grown very quickly because it’s a great concept,” Jeselyn Peery said. “People love being able to price their own items. And it’s a thrill, too. People come in all throughout the week, check on their booth and add stuff to it. It’s kind of exciting for them.”

A booth inside Indy Clover offers clothing and handbags for sale, St. George, Utah, Nov. 27, 2023 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

Because Indy Clover is a local store with local sellers and shoppers, the family has loved the opportunity to get to know members of the community.

“It’s been very exciting to see our vision, marketing, operations, etc expand from one store to many,” Tyler Peery said. “We are very excited to have this small brand turn into a national attraction.” 

Saturdays at 10 a.m. are the best day to shop because the store is completely fresh with full booths and new items. Don’t forget to shop deals on Thursdays and Fridays, when most items in the store are 50-75% off.

Indy Clover is located at the Shops at Zion at 250 Red Cliffs Drive, Suite 28 in St. George. For more information, see their website. Stay up-to-date with all the latest at the St. George store by following @indyclover_stgeorge on Instagram.

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76 booths inside Indy Clover feature individual seller’s items in St. George, Utah, Nov. 27, 2023 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

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