ST. GEORGE — Snow Canyon High School club leaders say their recent service projects to benefit kids in need far exceeded their expectations.

Snow Canyon High School clubs held service projects that far exceeded their expectations, St. George, Utah, Oct. 28, 2023 | Photo courtesy of Snow Canyon High School, St. George News

Last month, Snow Canyon High’s Interact Club and the Latinos in Action Club finished up monthlong projects that helped more youth experience a memorable Halloween. Club leaders said they saw successful results that far exceeded their expectations.

The Latinos in Action Club organized a costume drive to benefit kids unable to afford one for the holiday. Club president Senior Cynthia Vo told St. George News the drive received over 200 full costumes and a bin full of costume accessories, which were delivered to Arrowhead, Paradise Canyon, Coral Cliffs and Sunset elementary schools.

The costumes were then distributed to parents and students by teachers and counselors who volunteered their time.

The original goal was to draw in enough donations to supply kids in need with costumes at Arrowhead and Paradise Canyon only.

“I wasn’t really expecting a lot of costumes,” Vo said. “I underestimated what we were going to receive and we received way more, so it made me really happy.”

Several students from other high schools helped out with gathering donations, she added.

As a complementary event, Snow Canyon’s Interact Club organized and held a community trunk-or-treat, which drew over 200 people and was announced less than two weeks before the event.

“The Interact Club got disbanded a few years ago and this is the first time it got brought back,” Snow Canyon language arts teacher and Interact Club advisor Jillian Wyson said. “We were very concerned that we wouldn’t get a very good turnout but far exceeded what we expected.”

The majority of the school clubs and teams were involved in the event, which included carnival-style booths, cotton candy, snow cones and more. And everything was decorated to fit the season.

Snow Canyon High School clubs held service projects that far exceeded their expectations during last month in St. George, Utah, Oct. 28, 2023 | Photo courtesy of Snow Canyon High School, St. George News

The Washington County Youth Coalition also attended and participated by running a fishing game.

Leaders from both clubs said they learned the importance of communication while coordinating events. Due to the success of both inaugural service projects, they plan to facilitate the projects next year.

“It was a sentimental experience as the whole community gathered together for one cause,” Vo said.

The Latinos in Action has been active within the community providing multiple service projects, such as food drives for local food banks and helping provide daily necessities for elementary school students in need. The club is a national organization enacted to make positive change.

The Interact Club is a school organization under Rotary International. They have the initiative to make a difference within their communities. According to their corporate website, there are almost 15,000 clubs in 145 countries.

The school Interact Club is synonymous with the St. George Sunrise Rotary Club, Wyson said.

“They are the teen version of the Rotary Club,” she said.

Both clubs have upcoming service projects planned for the holidays including one project of helping special needs students to attend the Sadie Hawkins Dance on Nov. 18.

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