CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Amid rising costs of living and global economic uncertainty, the opportunity to invest in precious metals with the Gold Ore Store, a local small business, is a breath of fresh air.  

Eclectic products line the shelves of the Gold Ore Store in historic downtown St. George, Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of the Gold Ore Store, St. George News

The Gold Ore Store helps clients convert their antiquated Federal Reserve notes into gold and silver, a more tangible form of currency. Owner Greg Neel said it’s a way to escape the damaging effects of inflation and give yourself, and your family, the gift of self-preservation. 

“Gold and silver have always been real money,” he added. “Paper currency acts like money, but it’s not really. Gold and silver have been used in transactions for thousands of years.”

Countries around the world have bought more gold and silver over the past decade than at any other point in history, with virtually every government stockpiling the largest amount of precious metals they can afford. Why? Because they all know the financial system in place is failing, Neel said, and it’s time to protect their assets with the only form of currency that can be stored in a relatively small location while being very highly valued by all people and all nations.

“It’s one of the very few things you can do to protect yourself,” he added. “Whenever something serious does happen, you’ll have something to exchange and trade, to barter with.”

The Gold Ore Store is owned and operated entirely by Neel and his wife, Melodie. Over the past 12 years, they’ve built the business from the ground up, persevering through long days and late nights to establish Southern Utah’s premier precious metals dealer in the heart of historic downtown St. George.

Gold Ore Store owner Greg Neel shows off a display of collectible coins, St. George, Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of the Gold Ore Store, St. George News

The Gold Ore Store is the preferred broker of thousands of gold and silver buyers across the Southwest and beyond. Best of Southern Utah voters have awarded the Neels four consecutive gold medals in the gold store category along with numerous gold and silver medals for rock shop, antique shop and unique gift shop, another side of the business.

Neel said the Gold Ore Store sells an impressive amount of precious metals for a shop of its size, particularly bullion. Bullion is gold and silver in the form of rounds and bars which have specific weights attached to them; 1 troy ounce is the most popular and cost-effective way to purchase and transfer precious metals. Other clients prefer to buy their gold and silver as coins, of which he’s also an experienced dealer.

If you’re just getting started, you can test the waters or dive right in. It’s all about how comfortable you are with investing in precious metals – and how much money you’re willing to risk leaving in your bank account in the event of a financial collapse.

“Know what your budget is,” Neel said. “We have folks that come in and spend $30, and folks that spend $300,000.”

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Every client’s privacy and security are prioritized. And when it comes to price, the Gold Ore Store can meet or beat even the largest online brokers.

Working with a local mom-and-pop shop like the Gold Ore Store is a different experience, Neel said, adding that he tries to help clients feel at ease by providing honest, personalized consultations without any sales pressure.

“A lot of people really enjoy the opportunity to sit down and consult with a professional in the industry,” he said. “We enjoy being able to do that and build relationships that last for years.”

Call the Gold Ore Store at 435-703-9119 today for a private consultation on the value of purchasing gold and silver to safeguard your financial future. Visit to learn more. 

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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