ZION NATIONAL PARK — The seasons are changing in Zion National Park.

And as a result, the National Park Service has adjusted the park’s shuttle schedules and campground availability. Here is what you need to know to plan your visit:

Access to Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

Visitors can drive personal vehicles on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive starting Monday, Nov. 27, and the last day of fall shuttle service in Zion Canyon and Springdale was Sunday, according to a news release from the park service.

Shuttle service will resume in Zion Canyon and Springdale starting on Dec. 22 for 10 days. During these 10 days, visitors cannot drive personal vehicles on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.

The sun’s rays extend from behind the rocky cliffs in Zion National Park as the North Fork of the Zion River flows amid the fading fall colors, Nov. 26, 2023 | Photo by Vin Cappiello, St. George News

 The last day of winter shuttle service in Zion Canyon and Springdale is Dec. 31, and then visitors can drive personal vehicles on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive starting on Jan. 1, 2024.

Park officials remind visitors to plan for limited parking; when parking in Zion Canyon is full, the NPS may temporarily close the road. To check parking conditions, click here.

The NPS will resume shuttle service in spring 2024, and those dates are to be announced.

Fall and winter camping

Watchman Campground is open year-round, and campers can make a reservation up to six months before visiting. To register,  click here or call l-877-444-6777. Plan ahead and make arrangements for where you will stay before you get to the park.

South Campground and Lava Point Campground are closed for the season.

Yellow leaves and branches frame The Watchman to the southeast of Watchman Campground and the Zion Canyon Visitor Center, Nov. 26, 2023 | Photo by Vin Cappiello, St. George News

Visitor Center and Wilderness Permit Desk hours 

Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyons Visitor Centers: open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. every day through the fall and winter.
Zion Canyon Wilderness Desk: open 8-10 a.m. and 3-4:30 p.m.
Kolob Canyons Wilderness Desk: Closed for the season. Secure permits at Zion Canyon Wilderness Desk.

Big Bend (shuttle stop 8) is temporarily closed due to construction.  

To accommodate larger, electric shuttle buses that are scheduled to enter service in 2024 and to resolve significant cracking in concrete on the edges of the paved area at Big Bend, the park service is completing construction at Big Bend.

While work is happening, the paved area at the shuttle stop is fenced closed. Depending on the availability of materials and winter weather, the park plans to reopen Big Bend in spring 2024.

 Attend a Ranger-Led Talk

Free ranger talks happen outside of the Zion Canyon Visitor Center every day at 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Visitors are reminded of the following, regardless of the time of year they visit Zion National Park:

Parking fills early year-round. You may have to wait to enter Zion Canyon Scenic Drive if parking is full there.
Watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists if you are driving.
Stay on trails and avoid walking in the road.
Put your pass in your pocket. Don’t forget your park pass or receipt in a hotel room or at home.
Ride your bike on the road or the Pa’Rus Trail. Bicycling is not allowed on any other trails in the park. If you are riding in the road, you must stop to let buses pass you.
The NPS may temporarily close roads if traffic is congested or there is nowhere for drivers to park.
In general, fewer people visit Zion on weekdays than weekends. Consider arriving early or after 3 p.m. to avoid the busiest times of day.

Plan ahead and prepare

If you cannot park in Zion or if all campsites are full, research nearby communities and public lands to learn about other recreational activities and lodging. Recreate responsibly and respect private owners’ property and facilities.

Follow Leave No Trace practices everywhere in the park and beyond; be sure to pack out all your trash.