CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — In early 1994, the scratchy clamor of dial-up was the “latest and greatest” communication technology available, and the nascent internet was teeming with untapped potential for visionary innovators like the founders of InfoWest.

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Internet technology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last three decades. InfoWest has been at the forefront of many of those changes, leading the way in keeping customers connected. That’s why they’re Southern Utah’s “Internet People.” 

“InfoWest brought the internet to Southern Utah,” president and CEO Kelly Nyberg said.

Nyberg created InfoWest alongside Aaron Gifford and Randy Cosby. The trio met while attending what was then Dixie College, where their work in early web development culminated in the launch of the first website ever built in Utah. 

They soon recognized an unmet need in the area for internet service, and it wasn’t long before thousands of Southern Utahns were signing up to explore the World Wide Web. As ambitious as their business venture was, Cosby, who now serves as the company’s chief operating officer and executive vice president, said that InfoWest has evolved beyond anything the founders could have imagined. 

“I don’t think we ever expected to be at this company for more than half of our lives,” he added. “It’s been a long time, and we’ve come a long way.”

Newspaper clipping announces InfoWest joining the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce, St. George, Utah, circa 1994 | Photo courtesy of InfoWest, St. George News

After a few years of growing connectivity in Southern Utah, the company needed to transition away from dial-up and embrace the latest innovation, DSL modems. InfoWest expanded into Iron County at the start of the new millennium by acquiring two local network providers, growing their customer base by nearly 50%. Wireless internet services were introduced just two years later, followed by fiber optic connectivity in 2010. 

Progress marched on, and InfoWest continued expanding into areas of central and northern Utah along with rural communities throughout Southern Utah. The company acquired AWI Networks in 2020, taking control of hundreds of wireless internet towers in Utah, Arizona and Nevada, and further extended their fiber footprint with the acquisition of SunRiver St. George’s network last year. 

Today, InfoWest offers not only internet connectivity but also home security along with residential and business phone service. The company continues to deploy fiber and wireless internet to homes and businesses in St. George and Cedar City, with plans offering up to 10 gigabits per second for lightning-fast downloading, streaming, studying, gaming and more.

“Our mission is to provide the ultimate internet experience to our customers,” Nyberg said. “Obviously the technology is a huge part of that, but there’s also the service aspect.”

Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of the company’s success. All of InfoWest’s nearly 150 employees, from field technicians to account representatives, live in and care about the communities they serve. When customers reach out for tech support, they’re talking to someone just down the street. If subscribers have issues with their service, the person coming to fix it might be one of their neighbors. 

InfoWest is proud to support the local community, Nyberg said. Every year, they partner with organizations like the Utah Food Bank, Root for Kids and public schools to donate funds and essentials like backpacks for students.

Additionally, InfoWest is always looking to advance tech innovation and foster educational opportunities for Southern Utah’s next generation of computer wizards. They support Team Without a Cool Acronym, an award-winning youth robotics team, and organize the Kids Innovate STEM summer camp every year.

InfoWest company portrait, St. George, Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of InfoWest, St. George News

“It’s not just about cutting a check and putting our name on a sponsorship,” Nyberg said. “We really try to get involved. Our employees are passionate about helping the community and making an impact.”

With more people working, learning and communicating online than ever before, InfoWest is committed to providing customers with industry-leading security, stability and speed. The company’s leadership team prioritizes reinvesting in technology and infrastructure to ensure that Southern Utah remains on the cutting edge of the ever-changing tech landscape. And the future has never looked brighter. 

“30 years later, we still have the excitement and the energy to keep improving and growing,” Cosby said. “We’re always working today to be better than yesterday.”

Learn more about InfoWest’s products, services and community outreach on their website.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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